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Interesting instrument chart


Pretty cool idea. Cool dad.

I wonder what Brian Eno would say about this one. Interesting little gizmo…


From the Earth Science Picture of the Day website…

Windfarm in the North SeaToday, the UK opens the Thanet Wind Farm, the largest offshore wind farm in the world with 100 turbines spread over 35 kilometres in the North Sea, 7.5miles off the coast of Foreness Point, Margate. The wind farm
will be capable, if winds are high enough, of generating up to 300
megawatts of electricity – enough to power over 200,000 homes or a small

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NASA Images

Cool.. I’m thinking midi controllers for lights, synths, samplers, filters, faders, FX, video mixers…


If this works, it’s a very cool idea. 🙂

More here….

Sidewalk Astronomy!

This is cool.  Ever met a sidewalk astronomer?

Sidewalk astronomy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sidewalk Astronomy

Examples of people setting up telescopes on urban streets for public astronomical viewing go back well into the 19th century and maybe even further. Sidewalk astronomers and their telescopes have been a common sight in most big cities. There are many examples in the past such as Frank Manning in New Orleans as early as 1930 and Mr Grosser in Los Angeles in the 1870’s, who not only set up a telescope but also an illuminated microscope. Some sidewalk “pitch men” charged the public to view astronomical objects through their telescope but other astronomers allow people to view for free. In more recent years sidewalk astronomy has come to be more associated with altruistic individuals or groups offering views of the nighttime sky as a free public educational service.

This comes in handy when you have to repeat long strings of numbers on the telephone to tech support or when you’re helping someone else with tech issues. Saves a lot of “what?  what did you say? b? d? 3?”
NATO phonetic alphabet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia