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Spices and Herbs

Quick Guide to Every Herb and Spice in the Cupboard | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
Spices and Herbs


Frequently Asked Questions – ETWiki

There are some useful brushes here..
20 Sets of Photoshop Brushes for Vintage Style Design

Sidewalk Astronomy!

This is cool.  Ever met a sidewalk astronomer?

Sidewalk astronomy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sidewalk Astronomy

Examples of people setting up telescopes on urban streets for public astronomical viewing go back well into the 19th century and maybe even further. Sidewalk astronomers and their telescopes have been a common sight in most big cities. There are many examples in the past such as Frank Manning in New Orleans as early as 1930 and Mr Grosser in Los Angeles in the 1870’s, who not only set up a telescope but also an illuminated microscope. Some sidewalk “pitch men” charged the public to view astronomical objects through their telescope but other astronomers allow people to view for free. In more recent years sidewalk astronomy has come to be more associated with altruistic individuals or groups offering views of the nighttime sky as a free public educational service.

The Elysian Minor Band

Something about this music reminds me of many friends of mine and housefuls of music made for the love of it.
The Elysian Minor Band
The Elysian Minor Band

Doctors without borders has been down there for a while.  Give.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

An article by Emily Troutman.  Read this one.

Photo Essay: Remembering Haiti Just Before the Quake – Sphere News

Cloud Computing Plain and Simple

Friday Fonts

Outdoor Fireplace by Haugen/Zohar Architects » CONTEMPORIST
Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace by Haugen/Zohar Architects

Together with the standard playground facilities we wished to combine an enclosed space for fire, storytelling and playing.

Given a very limited budget, reusing leftover materials (from a nearby construction site) was a starting point that led the design to be based on short wooden pieces. Inspired by the Norwegian turf huts and old log construction, a 5,2×4,5 meters wooden construction was built and mounted on a lighted and brushed concrete base. The structure is made of 80-layered circles. The circles have varied radiuses and relative centre point in relation to each other. Every circle is made out of 28 pieces of naturally impregnated core of pine that are placed with varied spaces to assure chimney effect and natural light.

Oak separators differentiate vertically between the pine pieces to assure airflow allowing easy drying of the pine pieces.

A double curved sliding door was designed for locking the structure.

Haugen/Zohar Architects

This comes in handy when you have to repeat long strings of numbers on the telephone to tech support or when you’re helping someone else with tech issues. Saves a lot of “what?  what did you say? b? d? 3?”
NATO phonetic alphabet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I ✽ Fractals

Lovely little time-lapse

Greatest Films Site

Great film site – this is awesome!
The best movies ever from The Auteurs
2001 - A Space Odyssey
Citizen Kane
The Godfather
un chien andalou

A composite video of the creation of a multi-track piece using iphone music apps. Interesting..

YouTube – iPhone Music Apps

Nice list of customizations for an Ubuntu install..

The Silent Number: Top things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic Koala
Package Manager Screenshot

Top things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic Koala
So you’ve just installed Ubuntu 9.10, the cute and cuddly Karmic Koala, but now you’re confronted with a most pertinent question, “What do i do now?” Ubuntu is a very complete and full-featured Linux distribution, but no operating system can come with everything you want. There’s much more fun to be had in what comes after installing the OS on your machine: now you get to set it up with all the best software it didn’t already come with! This list of the top things to do immediately after installing your newly acquired copy of Ubuntu doubles as a general list of great software to try out and use, complete with links to any special instructions on how to set them up, Terminal commands for those who prefer a command-line interface (CLI), and when available, personal package archives (PPA), repositories to keep the applications at their newest version, not just the security updates provided for you by default. Repositories can be added easily by clicking the “Add…” button in the “Other Software” tab of Software Sources and entering the provided APT Line. Feel free to pick and choose; enjoy!

from Christian Schubart’s Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst (1806)

C Major
Completely Pure. Its character is: innocence, simplicity, naivety, children’s talk.

C Minor
Declaration of love and at the same time the lament of unhappy love. All languishing, longing, sighing of the love-sick soul lies in this key.

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Click here to see live, animated version of this image.
particles : Built with Processing

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. You can learn more and download it here:

Shades Of Blue: Shades Artists Archives

Al Green – Let’s stay together

Can’t get enough noir

Love this stuff.
Images – Film Noir
Kiss Me Deadly